Trust Your Inner Guidance

Nothing your body tells you is inherently wrong or bad. It is merely a sign or a signal of needing attention. Your body is a progress and development laboratory. It is a complex intelligence system, a laboratory that generates signs, alerts, and signals of awareness. It intelligently responds to your environment. You are your own forensic system. Pain, weakness and fatigue are like indicator lights on the dashboard of your car or error messages on your computer. Excitement, ease and energy are confirmations of a full gas tank, adequate levels of essential lubricants and the green light of well maintained automatic systems.

Your body contains your own IGS – Internal Guidance System. Your IGS guides you in life, in business, and in relationships. The art of living is learning to hear, to notice the cues from your IGS and to respond to them. Call it gut. Instinct. Intuition. Knowing. There are different levels serving your safety and your successful realization.

Self-criticism is a sign that your system is experiencing contradiction, disharmony or some form of being out of balance. Too much of something, or too little. Too high or too low. Your IGS is always calibrating and recalibrating. Your external response and conversation is a calibration in process. You sense, attune and calibrate your action. It’s about energetic signals, about what’s optimal. You calibrate the context of what you know, of where you have been, what you have done, who you have been with and where you are going.

Do not be harsh on yourself for experiencing fatigue or anything else. Do not surrender to guilt. Do not give in to shame. Do not diminish your self-esteem. They shut down your internal guidance system. Blunt your inner sensors. Distance you from truth. Always begin by noticing and acknowledging the registration. Do not personalize it. You are not your body. Your body is your learning and discovery laboratory. It is not who you are.

Never begin with the assumption that your body is at fault. In most situations it is not. It is a smart system. You are a compound set of intelligences. On a treasure hunt. To find what you are here to do. How to do it well. What is optimal. You listen. Calibrate. Pause. Learn to trust your inner guidance. And then you move forward. You take action.

© Aviv Shahar

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