The Discipline Secret – Best Practices

Here are the elements of discipline we explored in our teleconference the Discipline Secret:
  1. Discipline of knowledge – The building blocks and protocols that allow you to use and apply a certain field of knowledge. What fields of knowledge do you use? What new fields do you want to acquire?
  2. Professional discipline – The discipline of your profession. How do you get results in your field of expertise? In what ways do you want to refine and improve your professional discipline?
  3. Discipline of learning – The virtuous spiral of learning. What learning will you take from this class through the four steps of learning to teach to someone and make it your own?
  4. Discipline of performance – Getting into your peak performance zone. What helps you create results? What do you need to do to get into your optimal performance zone?
  5. Discipline of purpose – clarity of context. What are you about? What is the purpose you are working on at this time? How does it guide your actions?
  6. Discipline of the next step – The discipline of initiative. Moving forward beyond setbacks. Taking the next step to break the pattern, to find a solution, to initiate change, to open a new door. What is your next step?
  7. Discipline to build and create – Focus, consistency and relentless tenacity. What are you building?
  8. Discipline to not destroy – Being able to contain your success and renew your purpose to create a legacy.


©  Aviv Shahar

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