The Greatest Pragmatism In The World

The greatest pragmatism in the world is to have a dream you work toward realizing. To say, “I don’t dream. I deal in reality.” is to negate your power and to deny your ability to transform reality. Your ability to work and to realize your purpose and dream is the most real thing in the world. It is reality.

Put differently, without idealism, a “realistic” and “pragmatic” approach does not mean much. Idealism is about having a dream, a passionate purpose. Realism is about what is. Pragmatism is about what works, what gets results. It turns out that what is and what works is to take action towards a purpose, a vision, a dream you feel strongly about. Small, consistent, focused actions towards your dream are the real path forward. It is pragmatic idealism. The greatest pragmatism in the world.

© Aviv Shahar

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