The Spiral of Growth – If You Are not Growing You Are Dying

Are you growing?

The spiral of learning and development works in each of the Four Ways to grow. The mechanics are situational and unique, but the anatomy is similar:

A. You learn a new skill, gain a new insight – because you decided to do it, because you needed to, or wanted to accomplish something.

B. You then apply the new skill, put the insight to work.

C. You then have success with the new skill, and the insight opens up further.

D. The success generates propulsion and power to continue using the skill and learn more advanced skills, gain further insights.

And then the spiral leads again to new learning and growth. Every completion of a cycle brings increasing development and propels you forward.

What are you learning? How are you growing today? In what direction is your spiral of growth moving?

© Aviv Shahar

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