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In our contest the riddle said: GOI & LIG is a powerful formula for success and for happy living. Assimilate the meaning and essence of GOI & LIG and your energy level, focus, and leadership charisma will double. What is the meaning of these two abbreviations: GOI and LIG

Gerardo Garcia from EDS HP was the first to send the correct answer to the riddle: GOI and LIGGet Over It & Let It Go

Gerardo is the recipient of the Emerald Keys 10 CDs prize.

Here is a starter list of things we would all be better off if we ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Got Over It’. It’s not always easy. It’s not pleasant, it’s painful at times. But if you get over it and let it go your life will become better, more fulfilling and you would be able to move forward to new opportunities faster.

Get over and Let go of:
1. Rejection of an idea you put forward.
2. Someone that promised to help but did not deliver.
3. Critical feedback about something you said.
4. Being misunderstood.
5. A bid you lost.
6. The promotion you didn’t get.
7. A friend that betrayed you.
8. Stuff that happened not according to your plans.
9. Projections you had that did not materialize.
10. You won the silver and not the gold medal.
11. You did not sell at the top before the correction.
12. Not being sure about what will happen tomorrow.

And then there is more…
13. A delayed flight.
14. The weather.
15. Your age showing in your skin, your face.
16. Taxes that never go away, not until you die.

You get the idea. So much energy is spent on fighting things you can do nothing about. It’s exhausting and takes away from all that you can do and all you are already accomplishing.

Get over it and let it go.

We decided to also honor Guy Shirk, President of Bottom Line Strategies with a complete set of the Emerald Keys for his creative reply:

GOI and LIG – Get Over It, Life Is Good

© Aviv Shahar

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