Separate Three Kinds of Anxiety

You need to separate the three kinds of anxiety that exist in people and that you encounter when you meet with them:

Situational anxiety occurs when you face a challenge you are not sure how to handle.

Chronic anxiety occurs as a result of an ongoing condition that you cannot resolve or reverse and which can bring unpredictable consequences out of your control.

Existential anxiety occurs as the world shape-shifts around you and the paradigms (software) you were used to using no longer work.

With situational anxiety take action to change the situation.

With chronic anxiety you need to bring external help to boost your strength and to create leverage to shift the equilibrium and create a new dynamic.

Existential anxiety is a sign we must grow and evolve to find ourselves anew. You need to download a new upgrade and activate a new and updated you to unleash new opportunities.

© Aviv Shahar

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