What Are You Here For?

Participants in our seminars tell us that these are the most memorable and empowering experiences they have ever had because of the clear sense of purpose they find during the event. Each manager peels their own onion to find purpose and to discover the words that hold its meaning and essence.

The journey to discover purpose includes a series of steps and explorations. Reflecting on the question of what we are here for is the key. Here are 10 themes to start your exploration into – what are you here for?

1.    To listen, observe and learn.
2.    To serve the needs you meet.
3.    To do what’s most difficult for you to do.
4.    To do what is easiest and most natural for you to do.
5.    To enjoy and create joy.
6.    To first, do no harm and to wait patiently.
7.    To make the higher choices.
8.    To expand your range and develop versatility.
9.    To connect and to make meaning.
10.    To transform and to lead.

The tree knows what it is here for. It’s here to grow. The tiger knows what it is here for. It’s here to get its next meal and to raise its young. The tree and the tiger are locked into their purpose. You have the benefit of choice and of range. What are you here for?

© Aviv Shahar

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