A Glorious Passing

Moshe Domb was a special man. At 92 he was an emblem of the greatest generation—hard working, curious and honest—a man of integrity and honor.

Whenever we visited Sara’s family I enjoyed the banter with Moshe. He was stubborn. A man of principles. He fought and got wounded twice when serving in the Jewish Brigade of the Russian Army during the Second World War. He came to Israel and helped build a beautiful Kibbutz and a beautiful country.

His passing yesterday was a glorious lesson for everyone close to him. Eight years ago in one of our endearing conversations, I said: “Moshe, when you die you will get the shock of your life because you will discover that it is not the end, that there is continuance in another form; that in fact life here was a training ground for what you need to do next.” His response was typical. “Nonsense” he said. Now of course he knows I was right.

Four days before his passing, when he stopped eating, he said to one of his daughters, “tell everyone I am dying with joy, rejoicing the life I lived. I have had a good life.” There was a glistening light around him. Twelve hours before his passing he said: “either I am not clever enough or the bureaucrats in heaven are worse than the bureaucrats here. They refuse to let me in before I finish all sorts of idiotic questions and forms which I do not understand.”

Moshe said he was going to go up there and raise hell about why they allow things to be so messed up down here. I am sure he is getting his answer now. Those on the other side are bound by the rule of not interfering with our decisions on this side. They are always ready to help in what we try to do but leave us free to make our own choices. And Moshe was a man who made powerful choices and then lived by them.

Now he rejoices on the other side, having taught us all about a glorious passing.

© Aviv Shahar

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