The Dalai Lama Follows Me On Twitter

Yes, I know. The Dalai Lama follows 34,439 other people on Twitter or he did the last time I checked. I doubt the Dalai Lama really follows so many tweets. I think he would have to sacrifice his meditation time and other commitments. Still, it occurred to me that something important is going on here.

What is the Twitter phenomenon? Is it the ultimate form of democratization of discourse, where everyone, from the president to the janitor, can converse with everyone else (providing it is done in 140 characters)? What does it tell us beyond the fact that we all crave attention so much that we scream out into the void?

It tells me that:
1. We want to feel connected. To belong to something bigger.
2. We seek to be in conversation with people we admire, and with strangers. Directly, not through intermediaries.
3. We aspire to plug into some greater invisible power, communicate with it and tap the greater collective unconscious.

The unconscious intelligence that sits inside the collective space itself desires to move into the light of consciousness. Still, there is a bigger point in the idea that the Dalai Lama follows me on Twitter (even if it is not him in person, but only one of his assistants).

Here is that point: if you knew that the Dalai Lama (or someone that you consider a spiritual authority) reads every thought that goes through your mind, would your thoughts be influenced? If you knew that your thoughts as you think them are appearing somewhere on a google screen in the heavens, would that change your thoughts?

If you knew that all your mental tweets are recorded and stored in this heavenly google and that you will ultimately re-live this script when your time comes to leave this Earth – would you think differently? Would you be more compassionate, more forgiving, more loving?

Hey, if you knew your thoughts partly shape the heavens, and the here and now, by the quality of your intent and the energetic value you generate – and that you were not just a dancer on the stage but also the choreographer – would that influence which thoughts you give credence to?

That’s what occurred to me when I got an email that the Dalai Lama follows me: You better pay attention to what you think, what you say and to the actions you take. Now that the Dalai Lama follows me on Twitter, you can follow me too here

© Aviv Shahar

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