What Is Your Power?

These are snapshots of Mount Rainier as my plane was taking off from SeaTac airport. I usually prefer to sit by the aisle but on the flight to Houston last week I sat in the left window seat and took my digital camera.

Mount Rainier makes me wonder about latent power…

Power that has not been applied and is being contained has a greater impact than power that has been released. The energy potential is greater before usage. Think about the big guy who does not need to use his power and can be gentle, because his presence alone is a reassurance of threat.

Look around and see that when individuals, groups or nations are forced to use their power they are weakened. The energy potential is diminished. How about this as a mindset when going out into the world? How about appreciating that the power you contain is greater than the power you use? Imagine relationships where people appreciate each other’s presence and power and have no need to apply and use it

That is what Mount Rainier is like. It contains its power. It would be a much weaker mountain if it exploded.

© Aviv Shahar

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