A Memorable Life

An A to Z reflections and strategies for living a memorable life:

A.  You are here to transform the world. To bring light to darkness.
B.  To be memorable you must live a memorable life.
C.  To create a memorable life, you have to apply wisely your most precious assets – your time, your energy, your focus and your talent.
D.  Make your purpose your growth trust-fund. Make daily and weekly deposits.
E.  Invest your Energy, Time and Focus (ETF) in your purpose trust-fund. You will be amazed at the ROI multiples.
F.  You transform the world by transforming you. By investing and growing your precious assets. By realizing the potential of this moment. By being at full in it.
G.  Create a legacy, invest time, energy and focus in the growth and development of others.
H.  Investing in others will bring the greatest rewards. It will also bring pain and grief. Yes, agony and ecstasy live side by side.
I.  Why would you put your energy, time and focus (ETF) into anything unless you intend for it to be transformed for the better – unless you wish it to be the best it can be?
J.  An action a day keeps debris away. Frustration is a symptom of unrealized energy or incomplete action. One action every day. A step forward every day. Such is the pace of great success.
K.  You grow at the edge of your envelope. At the point of meeting the unknown. Where you expand beyond to meet your unknown.
L.  If you are to transform, you cannot stop at the half point, at “trans”. You have to complete the journey to find the “form”. To trans-form.
M.  You cannot stop time. Time moves on its own accord. You can be present in it or not.
N.  Time in absentia is not yours. Your time is time you salvage from absentia by bringing focus and energy into it. By creating light in darkness.
O.  To be memorable you must first be present. The greatest gift you give another is “presencing” your time in theirs. It’s being present.
P.  Energy comes and goes; wanes and resurges. Your point of greatest impact is to master your energy triggers and cycles and apply this self-insight in your work to realize your goals and purpose.
Q.  Peak performance, peak focus and peak presence happens when you bring your multiple energies to a point of efficacy – when your action becomes the synchro-point of your physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual capacities and energies.
R.  When you feel guided, helped and supported, your call is answered. An extra something else is being added to you. Unseen. Spiritual.
S.  Curiosity, the love of adventure and learning keeps you fresh in the valleys, and in between the peak points.
T.  Wake up to discover the new music that wants to be played today. Find the problem you carry the solution for. Discover the mystery you are here to resolve.
U.  Make your conversations memorable. Elevate. Expand. Transform. Make new things possible.
V.  You are here once. You, in this form, at this time is a once in a galaxy collective experience event. Make it worthwhile for the galaxy. Make it worthwhile for you.
W.  Listen. Listen inside. Listen outside. Make connections. You are here to make meaning. To magnify meaning. To magnify meaningful connections.
X.  Live to love. Love to evolve. Evolve to be all that you can be.
Y.  You are not alone. Your Maker left you free to be what you choose to be.
Z.  It / He / She are nearby to watch and see.




© Aviv Shahar

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