Are You Looking For A Spiritual Experience?

You get up, go to work, you manage your way forward, you lead and you follow. You persuade and agree, and overcome challenges, you create solutions, and you hope for a good day. This is it. Stop looking for a spiritual experience. This is what you came here for. You are here to discover what you need to learn. You are here to influence, be influenced, change and be changed. This is it. You are in the experience of life. You are more than a human being looking for a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Your work, your journey as a parent, as a partner, as a leader is the human experience you offer to your spirit.  Being a human is the gift of entering the realm of change, wherein you can grow and develop. That’s what you came here for. To learn patience. To learn how to listen. To learn to cope with pain, recover from setbacks. To develop the capacity to appreciate, feel and perceive new things. To make the higher choices. To forgive. You are here to create art and beauty. To learn and teach understanding. You are here to generate innovative solutions. To help make the impossible possible. You are here to help the human enterprise move forward. And to help you move forward. You are a spirit in a human body for this purpose.

You are here to find your gifts. You are here to express your gifts in a way only you can in this earthly realm of choice. To gain the experience of expressing your gifts and the powers endowed to you and to discover what that will crystallize in you. You are here to love and to learn to be loved. This is it. It is your spirit being granted a human experience.

© Aviv Shahar

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