God’s Little Peace In Mississauga

Even God needs a little peace in a bustling city.

We are staying again in Mississauga, Toronto, teaching the Blue Belt Top Talent program. Toronto has been a work destination for years. I love coming here. I love Canada.  There is much the Canadians can teach us south of the border. When you tell Canadians they are a very nice nation they tend to not see it as a complement. But nice doesn’t mean they aren’t assertive, strong, powerful, unstoppable or even aggressive. Just watch them play hockey. It is the temperament of the nation, “Peace, Order and (continual search for) Good Government.” The spirit of live and let live. Ease of collaboration. Readiness to make the other look good and even better. Healthy laughter. Wit. Dedication to family. Appreciation of beauty and simplicity. You cannot help but notice these values. It feels a little saner, and with a balance that we sometimes struggle to find south of the border.

Mississauga, where many multi-national corporations have their offices, looks like many other extensions of major cities but there is also something else. There are small special places; little corners of care, where someone went out of their way to create a little peace for the city dwellers and its visitors.

A couple of weeks ago, back home in Seattle, we hiked to Spray Falls where you can see a majestic view of Mount Rainier. It’s nature’s supreme presence, away from civilization. A week later in Mississauga, we walked a short trail in Mullet Creek Park, a place almost too small and insignificant to have a name. This place brings forward an insight. Sometimes, we can feel more of God’s presence in the little known, inglorious places than there is in the grandest of places. God loves what’s not loved. Its presence shows up where it’s least expected. There is a special beauty in finding grace where you do not expect it. Here, in the city, God is hard at work, cleaning it up, replenishing and helping people to get up and go on. God needs a little peace too. Someone‘s dedication and care made this a little place of peace.

One more thought. It can be like this for you too. Do you only care about the big, visible things, or do you put a special care in the small, unseen corners? Do you attend to your work and development only in visible matters, or do you attend to your growth and endeavors when no one sees and knows?

Try to tend to the small things. Put a special care into the not so glorious. Grace the small efforts and steps with your full presence. Find beauty hidden in the mundane. Offer something else a little space of peace in your life. It is then that you will be magnified with something greater. God’s little peace.

© Aviv Shahar

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