How Do You Use Belief?

Here are some of the ways belief continues to evolve through the ages:

Ancient world: “I believe what I do not understand. I believe what frightens me.”
Post ancient world: “I believe my belief will save me from what frightens me.”
Modern world: “I believe only in what I see and touch.”
Post modern world: “I believe in nothing.”
New Age: “I believe in what I manifest. My beliefs create my future”

What’s post New Age? What’s beyond these ways of using belief?

I believe humanity is at a new threshold of convergence, beyond the integration of East and West. I believe pragmatism and idealism are not mutually exclusive – they are integral principles of enlightened behavior and response.

What do you believe in?

I believe in the creative process of life.
I believe in the developmental opportunities life affords us.
I believe life is purposeful.
I believe we can serve a greater good.
I believe the future is redemptive, and that tomorrow always brings a fresh start.
I believe in being thorough in your work and throughout in your development.
I believe in decency and fairness.
I believe that together we can do greater things than we can imagine.
I believe in the human spirit and its regenerative power.
I believe tomorrow will bring new learning and insight.
I believe you are never alone.
I believe that being present here and now is what matters.
And I believe in you.
That you can believe in you.

© Aviv Shahar

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