The Co-Creational Act – Releasing Hidden Light

A Solstice Post – an excerpt from the writing: God, The Universe Embryo.

When I look up at the night sky and see the bright stars engulfed by darkness it brings to mind the majestic human story down here on Earth.  This is a powerful contemplation that takes me from the here-and-now inside light itself… to then travel all the way back into the core of our humanness and the evolution that presses its way upon us now.

There is light and there is ‘hidden light’, which our scientists call dark matter or dark energy. Recent observations conclude that 95 to 96 percent of the universe – all the space in between the stars – is dark energy. Like the stars, so too the human is engulfed by darkness, the void that contains all that has not been lit yet. Our work is to claim the void, to fill it with presence and release its hidden purpose and light. This is how we participate in the co-creative act, inside ourselves and with all that surrounds us.

When you meet a stranger, the space between you is a void. Then you begin a conversation. You exchange references and views. You find areas of shared interest and commonality. You create streaks of light in the void between you. Then a new thought appears; an innovative idea shows up, and you get energized. Your conversation transports both of you to a different place and time.  You find yourselves on the edge of discovery, creating a new world of possibilities. Inside that space, inside such a conversation, hidden light gets released from its concealment as you become participant in the co-creational act.

(God, The Universe Embryo – Originally written on October 1998)

© Aviv Shahar

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