When To Pray – Part Two

Prayer is an action petitioning to come into the presence of something. Therefore the best prayer is an action taken when you are already with and in the presence of what you are praying for.

Pray for fitness and health when you exercise, when you enjoy hiking outdoors, when you swim in the ocean or in a cold mountain lake.

Pray for love when you are with your loved ones, when you hug and embrace the people you love.

Pray for peace in the world when you feel peaceful inside.

Pray for success and wealth when you are in the action of fulfilling the needs you came to serve.

Pray for healing power when you take care of another and help them to heal.

Pray for new connection and communion when your life is full of the presence of new possibilities and connections.

You ask: what do I do when I don’t have one of these things above and want it?
Act as though you have it already and pray as you act. Take on a small task and pray as you do this one thing as though your prayers have already been answered.

The greatest prayer in the universe is giving unto others what you seek to find and receive yourself.

When To Pray – Part One

© Aviv Shahar

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