When To Pray

People most often pray when they need something. This is understandable, we want health mostly when it begins to fail; we want friendship when we are lonely, and money becomes much more important when you don’t have it.

But praying from absence is not the most effective way to pray. It is much better to pray for something from within its presence. The best time to pray for good health is when you feel most vital. You can then pray to forward the vitality and strength you feel towards the future, for days when you will need this strength to re-find you.

The best time to pray for fulfilling relationships is in the presence of it, when you are most appreciative of the richness you have. You can then pray to store up some of these good memories to accompany you in days when you may be lonely.

The best time to pray for you to have clients is when you serve a client, when you appreciate the opportunity of serving others with your talent. The best time to pray to find work opportunities that will improve your financial situation is when you are already grateful and enjoy your work for the opportunities it is now providing for you.

Abundance creates greater abundance.
Absence perpetuates wanting.
Presence grows presence.

When To Pray – Part Two
© Aviv Shahar

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  1. Hi Aviv,

    Really loved this piece. It is so true and yet we do not learn.

    Thanks for writing it and sharing it.

    Best wishes

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