The Making of A Storyteller

This is a conversation about the power of storytelling. “Let’s bring back the dinner table conversation” is one of many messages from David McCullough.

In art, business or anything – “The only way to learn to do it is by doing it.”
This one life is the real thing, not the dress rehearsal for another time. David McCullough’s story is the making of a great storyteller. Told in this conversation with Charlie Rose, the story is about finding the sweet spot – the convergence point of talent and passion with an action that makes a difference. It is in that place that you find a life fully lived. In his books and in this interview, McCullough brings to life stories that shaped this nation and its people. He tells the story of learning to write by writing, and of the best advice he ever received (Watch it to find out).

What is your sweet spot? What mode of action allows you to express your passion and talent?
© Aviv Shahar

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