The Discovery Journey of K – Episode One: The Four Questions

(The Discovery Journey Category is dedicated to the young people of the world)

K and D had been friends for a number of years. Their friendship had grown from their shared experiences. They tended to see the world from a similar viewpoint. At some point K decided to focus on her personal growth. She became involved in a development journey and began to practice introspection in order to deepen her self-awareness and self-knowledge. K discovered that standards, namely what she allows and doesn’t allow into her life, determine her well being and she began to find out that adhering to these standards had a dramatic influence on her productivity and creative capacity. K realized that there were four categories of standards she needed to focus on:

  1. What comes into her mouth – what does she eat and drink?
  2. What comes out of her mouth – what does she say and speak about?
  3. Where does she spend her time and specifically who does she spend time with?
  4. What thoughts does she empower and take into action?

K decided to keep a daily journal and monitor these four categories with a specific mindset. She examined these categories with a single focus: What energizes me and makes me strong and bright? What tires me and makes me feel weak and dim?

She kept her little journal and reflected on these four: What am I eating? What am I saying? Who am I with? What thoughts do I empower and take into action? She studiously noted her comments in these columns: I get energized-bright-strong / I get tired-dim-weak. Patterns and new self-insights began to emerge.

K discovered that her body and mind have an innate wisdom and intuition; that this intuitive part of her is quick to know what is good for her and is very accurate. K said to herself: “I want to tune my awareness into my natural intuition so I’ve got to start paying attention when it communicates information and I need to learn to trust it.” Her development coach said: “If you don’t listen to your intuition it will stop delivering messages. When you listen to your intuition and act on it, your intuition will bring you increasing amounts of information. As you learn to trust it, it will trust that you do not dismiss its input. Your intuition will strengthen and you will gain more confidence.”

This is what K started to do with her journal. She began to listen to her intuition. Suddenly, K was becoming sensitized to many things she never considered before. She was growing and changing. Her friendship with D was about to take a turn.

© Aviv Shahar

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