The Discovery Journey of K: Episode 2 – Change

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It was still dark, an hour before sunrise when K got up to do her morning journaling and reflection. She liked to go out into her garden at that time of day as it gave her a sense of peace and she could quietly listen to the sounds of the morning. Over the last few weeks, she was starting to discover clues or hints about what each day might be like before it unfolded and she was becoming better at aligning and preparing herself for the tasks ahead of her. This morning she noticed that the color of a few leaves on the large tree in her garden was changing. She wrote in her journal. “Color is the herald of change.” A breeze of cooler air came through as she wrote these words and she added: “Change brings many changes.” She thought about what she was finding. Change was not a single event. When one thing changes, it changes everything else connected to it; therefore, when one thing changes everything changes. K recognized this as a principle of how things work in every field. It was true in health, in interpersonal matters, in her garden, in the weather system and the climate, and in the stock markets and technology and in everything else: “When one thing changes everything changes. This makes change a constant.”

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  1. Often, other people think that those people who take up the journey of self discovery become self centered or self absorbed. I have found the opposite to be true. Reality itself becomes deeper, broader, more descriptive and richer. Everything that a person turns their attention to benefits from the more integrated perspective of being included in the greater picture rather than being at the mercy of whatever is coming down the road at us. K’s experience is that of looking at the cloth of life so closely that she sees herself in its weavings.

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