The Discovery Journey of K: Episode 4 – Intuition Killers

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“Why am I often still deaf to the voice of intuition and guidance?” K asked herself one quiet Saturday morning. She had been on her journey for awhile now and had made a few important discoveries. She felt she was progressing and was getting a much better sense of herself and her strengths. It was a joy to find pathways into her creative zone. Still, K seemed to have setbacks she did not understand. They were days when everything seemed to go haywire and out of control. These were followed by days of confusion and sadness. She began to recognize that there were times when she felt specially enhanced states of well being, peace and creativity and yet she was not able to sustain these experiences as a permanent feature or even create them at will. These moments of greater awareness and serenity came and went and were not completely in her control. She felt she was being pulled in opposite directions. Part of her wanted to retreat away from people to relax, read, meditate and make her journal entries. But another more gregarious side of her loved to be out there with people socially and even at work, where she could excel through her creative and artistic talents and contributions.

Thinking these thoughts, K wrote: “I have to allow these two parts of me to live happily together in the same zip code, in the same home inside me. They are both a part of who I am. I have to nourish both. If I nourish only one part the other side gets grumpy and upset. The art of living is to know when to attend to the one and when to be with the other. Understanding this and practicing listening to guidance and intuition will help me.” K stopped and thought for a moment. She loved to create lists and frameworks so she began to list the intuition killers, things she recognized as distancing her from being able to listen in to guidance. K wrote –

“Intuition killers:

  1. Getting too over crowded
  2. Needing to please
  3. Inferiority reflex
  4. Obsessive perfectionism
  5. Low self-esteem
  6. Guilt and shame
  7. Addictive behaviors
  8. Bitterness and resentment
  9. Being rushed
  10. Group pressure”

“When I am distant from myself, I can’t hear the voice of my intuition. My intuition is quick but it cannot find me in these circumstances because there is no one home. Let me begin the practice of being present, living here and now, in the moment and in guidance.”

© Aviv Shahar

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