The KEY: Happiness Matters!

This Key helps you re-discover happiness with new eyes. Take a few moments to reflect on the 20 elements that lead to a happy and actualized life. Discover how you can help the people who work with you, your friends and family to be happier and which of these elements you might want to focus on for yourself.

The Elements of Happiness
Are you surrounded by happy people? Do you consider yourself a happy person?

“What’s the point; happiness is overrated,” you may think. Think again.
Happy people are more productive, more willing and collaborative, more creative and eager to take initiative and solve problems, have fewer sick days, attract happy customers, are nicer to be with, and make for a happier workplace.
Unhappiness sucks the life out of us. It brings stress, tiredness, sickness and ultimately kills us. Happy people make your life easier. They are more energizing to be around. They inspire you to be a better and happier person yourself.

Discover the 20 elements of happiness.

© Aviv Shahar

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