The KEY – The Regeneration of America

Hope about the future was always the central character of the American story. America was shaped by the “aspiration business” and the “future business.” But many in the US and around the world question now the future of America. In this KEY I propose the three propulsions that will regenerate America and shape the powers that will gain ascendency and leadership in the coming decades. Click here to read about the future that is being written in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin and Boston.

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2 thoughts on “The KEY – The Regeneration of America

  1. I agree, MNCs are the new world powers that are learning to be socially, environmentally (BP), and even politically responsible. While nations struggle, mired in politics, MNCs are indeed becoming the pillars of American/global regeneration, and the examples of engines for positive progress. They understand the importance of global, multicultural, multilingual perspectives, and therefore are already honing their skills in collaboration, and innovation, and refining their purpose.

    Powerful, truthful, inspirational.
    Thanx Aviv.

  2. 12/1
    Dear Aviv,
    Your message on the “Regeneration of America” was really very inspiring to me. I hope a lot of other people are moved by it in a similar way. Thank you.
    Martin Iseri

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