The KEY: The Coming Boom

This winter I am again catching waves in the ocean. Since the beginning of time, the ocean has been the ultimate metaphor. With its undercurrents, riptides, waves and tsunamis, it is a metaphor for the market, the economy, and for just about anything else in life. Swimming against the current is counterproductive. Success comes when you go with the current and catch the waves.

Most people stay on the beach. I dive into the water. Since the majority prefers to watch from the outside, there are only a few of us in the water.

Here are the questions that remain as the waves recede from the beach: What new waves will 2014 bring to shore? What are the undercurrents that are building power? What ideas or ventures will succeed and grow this year? What riptides may surprise us? Will we have the fortitude to act counter-intuitively? Where will the next tsunami-spawned boom occur? And what capabilities and strategies will be rewarded in this year?

In this KEY you will discover eleven trends that will boom, and eight capabilities that will be rewarded handsomely in 2014.

© Aviv Shahar

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