The KEY: 2011 – Get Rid of The Old Shoes

The writing on the wall in the briefing room reads: “The one you don’t see will shoot you down.” This mindset was drilled into me through fighter pilot training. You must always be on the lookout and stretch to see the totality of the theater and any moving targets.  2010 was just such a year. It revealed that in business, in politics and in life, as in a dogfight, what you don’t see threatens to take you down. But 2010 also demonstrated that surprising and unpredictable events can work in your favor and can help you create breakthroughs when you respond promptly and wisely.

For us 2010 was a year of fantastic growth, development and learning. I met and worked with amazing people and great leadership teams. They taught me about commitment and passion, about creativity and vision, and about the power of collaboration and co-creation. In this KEY I share with you a two-part story that changed my life. To transform you must change the narrative. I hope to inspire you to apply these insights and strategies to change the game you play and make 2011 your best year ever. Listen to the KEY podcast here.

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