The KEY: Extraordinary Encounters At 32,000+

This KEY is about two extraordinary encounters. It’s my way of encouraging you to spend quality time, have meaningful conversations and give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Being raised in Israel, Thanksgiving was not part of my upbringing. We discovered and made this giving of thanks a family tradition when we came to the US. Whether you live in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving or not, you can create your own ceremony of giving thanks. We sit around the table and tell stories about special things that happened to us this year and what we choose to give thanks for. In these times of anxiety and uncertainty, appreciating all that is good and the blessings of your life can strengthen and reassure you that better days are ahead.

Here are two stories I’m going tell around the Thanksgiving dinner about special conversations I had this November. Click here to read about my extraordinary encounters at 32,000 plus.

© Aviv Shahar

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