The KEY: Flying Over Volcanic Iceland

I am writing this Key flying at 36,000 feet, just north of Iceland. After trying for five days to escape Europe with numerous flight cancellations, I am finally heading home to Seattle. What an adventurous journey!

The Air Force brief is, “It’s the one you don’t see that will shoot you down.” The Black Swan message is, “Beware of the trap of preparing for the last swan (crisis) you saw. The next one will be different. Unexpected.” That’s why it’s called a Black Swan.

Read here what I have I learned on this trip.

Listen to the KEY here:

©  Aviv Shahar

2 thoughts on “The KEY: Flying Over Volcanic Iceland

  1. Hi Aviv

    Recently when when watching a rerun of the first of the Star Wars prequels, Obie Won is forced to land on a foreign distant planet. He is trying to buy parts for a broken ship and his normal tricks of mind control thus swaying a parts seller to lower his price fails.
    His position his limited and states in a neutral way;

    “We will wait for a solution to reveal itself to us”.

    His belief in the “Force” and his settlement ultimately provides the solution. (and availability at the point to respond to it) get’s them of the planet.

    Thanks for sharing these insights and wisdoms with us,


  2. Kris, I agree. Note that the Star War waiting you describe in “We will wait for a solution to reveal itself to us” is not a “passive waiting” but a “focused, high intensity anticipatory waiting.” It is a waiting that is “conductive” to emergence of solutions, innovations and breakthroughs. This quality of waiting is a “spirit” observed in extraordinary endeavors that reshape their field.

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