The KEY: The Lethal Jackpot

This KEY can save your life. It saved mine. As a young fighter pilot I read with keen interest the investigation reports of accidents. I figured it was going to help me stay alive. Pilots who were better than I, with more experience and whom I admired crashed. I was scared. It made me ask: “What is the anatomy of accidents? Can I learn something from what happened to them that will help me stay alive?”

I have rarely spoken about this in my 25 years of teaching and never wrote about it until now, as the Wall Street meltdown unfolds before our eyes. Click here to learn about The Lethal Jackpot and to find out what you can do to intercept and avert it.

© Aviv Shahar

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  1. Great insights from your article. It’s not just a writing on the wall, it actually helped me to take an important financial decision today. Today we are faced with one of the lethal factors for the financial jackpot. I was inspired by your article to accept what is really happening and to take responsibility of my actions.
    We are starting with what can be called the economic winter. Keep warm, use wisely all your resources, and keep a strong network of friends and family.

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