The KEY: The Most Powerful Word In The World

Dear Leader,

This KEY explores the most powerful word in the dictionary. Which word is it? Which is the most powerful word in the world? Write down your answer before you read on. Don’t cheat!

What if you knew that this one word can change lives? That your life and the lives of the people around you would be changed with practicing and using this word? What if you knew this one word could make you happier, healthier and richer and that it could transform your relationships?

Here we go. “What are the five most important words for you?” is a question I like asking people. It tells me something about their mindset.

Often people tell me the words that are high on their values and/or goals lists. Words that represent what they aspire for. Their answers (and perhaps yours, too) include these words: Health, Love, Wisdom, Purpose, Peace, Success, Meaning, Inspiration, Confidence, Respect, Intimacy, Trust, Happiness, Leadership, Faith, Humor, God. Each of these words holds a mystery we experience but never fully and completely resolve.

For most people the word that triggers the strongest response is their own name. What’s my proof? You walk down a busy mall and someone shouts out your name in the middle of the crowd, you turn around. The use of your name causes such a response that it is almost impossible to resist. The only other word that gets a stronger reaction in a crowded mall is “fire”. Your name triggers a personal response. “Fire” triggers a reptilian reflex and evokes fear and awe.

This Key is about another word, another mystery. Which then is the most powerful word in the world?
It is a three letter word that carries great meaning and power.

© Aviv Shahar

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