The KEY: Wasting Failure, What’s The Use of A Broken Tree?

This KEY will help you find out what the “failure” blind spot is, and how you can use it to help your team members realize their fullest potential.

What have you done with your recent successes and triumphs? How have you used and celebrated them?

What have you done with your failures and setbacks? Have you used them to learn and build toward success?

Many managers waste failures. Pain, pride, and not being able to tolerate the anguish or embarrassment blinds them from seeing the opportunities of blunders.

What is the “Failure” blind spot?

1. Letting personal feelings blind you from discovering what in the process could have happened differently, and how you will do it differently next time.
2. Personalizing and identifying with a blunder, losing confidence and thinking “I am a failure.”
3. Viewing failure the way people viewed leprosy: don’t touch it, don’t see it, and it will go away.
4. Missing the learning and innovation opportunities that can arise from now knowing what not to do.
5. Refusing to “do the grief work” – not internalizing and assimilating the development experience.

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© Aviv Shahar

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