The KEY: Your 2009 Strategy

This KEY gets you started on your strategic planning for 2009. Although we are in the midst of the greatest financial crisis in a century, we can confidently say that a brighter future is ahead of us. Why? Because on the other side of what may be a difficult and challenging phase are new and amazing developments, brilliant innovations and extraordinary opportunities. The seeds of these opportunities are being sown right now, amidst the destruction. Soon they will begin to blossom.

Now, more than ever, you must be reflective and strategic. Agility and speed, poise and clarity of purpose are just a few of the things you have to focus on as a leader. To help you make the next year the best it can be, explore the 10 areas below.

For you to gain the benefits of this, you must allow it time and space. Make a commitment to engage in this strategy workout. You might need a 90 minute concentrated session; or, you may prefer to break it up into two sessions or a series of sessions. Ideally, plan to have this workout in the next 10 days. Do not wait for December. Block the time out on your calendar now.

Click here to find 10 exploration areas to help you develop your next-year strategy.

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