The KEY: Your Spiderman

The Key is about your uncelebrated Spiderman and Spiderwoman-the person that came to your rescue just when you needed. We wish you all good things for 2009!

You and I would not be where we are without our Spiderman or Spiderwoman. We all need help. We all needed someone to stretch out an arm. To give us opportunity. To show us it can be done. To say, “You can do it”. To believe in us. To raise us up.

There is a “Spiderman” impulse in all of us. We love to help. To make a difference. “The receiving is in the giving.” When you help someone, you are being helped. In our leadership events we encourage participants to share their Spiderman story. Stories about someone who helped them. Rescued them. And stories about when they helped and rescued someone else. One after another managers share their Spiderman stories. Simple stories. Amazing stories.

There are perennial messages coming through these story circles:

  1. None of us got to where we are on our own.
  2. We were all inspired by someone. We were all given a chance.
  3. You become a great achiever through the help and support of others. Everything special, every unique accomplishment has been the work of more than one person.
  4. One moment, one word or sentence has the power to change the course of a person’s life.

Here is a Spiderman story told by Stu in one of our leadership events.

© Aviv Shahar

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