Out From a State of Knowing and Perceiving

  1. We are living into times of an accelerated evolutionary change.
  2. The 3500-years epochal journey is reaching a culminating transition. An epoch is a measure of universal time (an actuating pattern inside of a universal blueprint), where certain developments and evolution are permitted and supported.
  3. As the epoch culminates all around and inside each one of us, humanity is experiencing a deep crisis of the spirit.
  4. The potencies and patterns that enabled life along the epoch journey have been used up to exhaustion. This is seen in the state of our global village, here on planet Earth, as it now reaches a breaking point that takes the nature of an intractable set of complexly wicked problems (the complexity wall shaping the meta-crisis).
  5. The seven-fold natures and influences that powered the epoch to propel humanity are reaching a collapse threshold and are therefore going through a transformative update and renewal that require new human engagement and elevation.
  6. The crises underway: the ecological, climate, environmental, energy, and extractive economic models; information and meaning landscapes; trust and credibility; social, cultural, and leadership voids…all these crises and the meta-crisis they together form, appear to directly emanate out from and/or are byproducts of the deeper crisis of the spirit.

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