The Four Factors of Trust with Ashley Reichheld & Amelia Dunlop

“Trust, at its core, is built when you make and keep good promises. And we describe the ability to make good promises as having high humanity and transparency. And the ability to keep those promises we define as capability and reliability. Those are the four factors of trust.”

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Episode Summary

Ashley Reichheld & Amelia Dunlop are both passionate leaders within Deloitte Digital. Ashley works as a Principal and Customer & Marketing practice leader, while Amelia is the Chief Experience Officer. Their research is codified in the new book, The Four Factors of Trust : How Organizations Can Earn Lifelong Loyalty , where they offer practical guidance to measure and build trust in the relationships that matter most by cultivating humanity, capability, transparency and reliability. Join Aviv Shahar as he engages in a meaningful discussion with Ashley Reichheld & Amelia Dunlop centered on trust, humanity, purpose, and meaning.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:30 – Aviv introduces today’s guests, Ashley Reichheld & Amelia Dunlop, who reflect on today’s topic: The Four Factors of Trust
  • 02:56 – Key learnings Ashley & Amelia would pass along to the younger generation as they begin to shape their careers
  • 04:49 – What younger workers think about trust and empathy
  • 06:26 – Defining and measuring ‘humanity’ and how it relates to trust
  • 09:42 – What it occurring with Generation Z
  • 13:27 – How leaders can cultivate an environment of trust
  • 16:29 – Why trust is critical across multiple institutions
  • 17:34 – Reclaiming our humanity
  • 19:54 – Ashley & Amelia share early influences on their careers
  • 21:18 – The gender imbalance & sustainability
  • 24:38 – Advice Ashley & Amelia give to young women entering the workforce
  • 30:58 – Ashley & Amelia speculate on the future and necessary systemic changes
  • 33:31 – Purpose, Meaning, and Trust
  • 37:07 – Final thoughts from Ashley & Amelia

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