Panama City, Panama

My immersion and acclimatization to Panama City, Panama is through rhythm and is immediate. The Taxi driver who drives me from the airport to the hotel taps the rhythm of the music his radio plays. This is a short work visit and I ask him to take me directly to the Canal. We tour the city and the Panama Canal and we both tap the rhythm. Music is the fastest way to get to know people and to feel what moves them. The music tells the story of people’s attitude to life, challenge, joy, love and more… Panamanians’ pride is different to the way Mexicans or Brazilians express their pride. The Brazilian pride is about the national character and how they express it. The Mexican pride is expressed in the beliefs they hold and the stories they tell. The Panamanian pride is about resilience and what they are able to do.

Here are some photos from the city and the canal.

Panama Blog 1

Blog Panama 2

Blog Panama 4

Blog Panama 5

Blog Panama 6

Blog Panama 7

The Panama Canal

Blog Panama c 8

Blog Panama c 9

Blog Panama c 10

Blog Panama c 11

Blog Panama c 12

Blog Panama c 14

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