The Ducks Of Fort Pierce

Here are the ducks I write about in our upcoming newsletter The KEY. They brought forward an important insight. They are special ducks.

© Aviv Shahar

0 thoughts on “The Ducks Of Fort Pierce

  1. Hi Aviv,

    I’m sure that everybody always try to complete scenarios like you did at the beginning with the plastic ducks.
    I believe that we all have a key, that is instinctive, when we feel that it is easier to complete the scenario than look at it and try to understand what is the real, we rather complete it.
    Now that we know that the duck are plastic we can conclude why did they allowed the loon to swoop down to rest on it so peacefully. Even if a real duck could allow it, the instant reaction is to go away from the loon at the beginning. This would be a real reaction.
    So my take away form this key is that we have to take a deeper look when we see that expected reaction doesn’t happen. This way we will find out if this is a completely new approach or non real facts.
    Thanks for sharing this Key.
    I still have with me some of your feedbacks from a Blue Belt training in Brazil; set up for new opportunities!
    See you

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