Monthly Archives: October 2008

Are You Punishing Yourself Twice?

A couple goes to the theater. Ten minutes into the show they know that it is a bad movie but neither of them is prepared to admit it. Fifteen minutes later one of them says: “it’s a bad movie. Shall we leave?” The other replies: “Why should we lose three times? First we paid, second it’s a bad movie and now you want us to...

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There Is More Than Fiction In The Space Between

Tracy Chapman sings “There is fiction in the space between.” I disagree and beg to differ. There is a lot more than fiction in the space between. Creativity and innovation appear in the space between. Peace and quiet are found in the space between In the space between you can listen and hear A truth and a meaning you can reconcile. There is communion, serenity...

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God’s Little Peace In Mississauga

Even God needs a little peace in a bustling city. We are staying again in Mississauga, Toronto, teaching the Blue Belt Top Talent program. Toronto has been a work destination for years. I love coming here. I love Canada.  There is much the Canadians can teach us south of the border. When you tell Canadians they are a very nice nation they tend to not...

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