How do you stay positively balanced and focused in the face of the Corona crisis?

Questions we focused on:

 How do you stay positively balanced and focused during times of crisis?
 How do you survive the crisis physically, mentally and spiritually?
 What is the influence and power of collective energy and how do you harness it in a positive way?

The points we covered:

A. Identify the four vectors of the crisis:
1) The Corona virus
2) Global stock markets implosions (a viral influence by itself)
3) Panic triggered by #1 and by #2 (a viral influence by itself)
4) All secondary and tertiary consequences and side effects, in some cases more devastating than the first three vectors.

B. Apply a three-fold strategy to respond effectively and triage separately each of the four vectors, not as a panic-based aggregate:
1) What must do to take care of your health and well-being?
2) What must you do to deliver on your mission-critical commitments?
3) Pivot from defense to offense - how can this situation be an opportunity to create and accelerate a desired future?

C. Boost your immunity:
1) Focus on what you can control: your mental focus, what you take in, and your response.
2) Attend to routines and rituals that build clarity, energy and well-being.
3) Pivot from chaos to calm, confidence and coherence of thought.
4) Cultivate a community that generates individual and collective immunity.

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Cutting Through the Noise with Diane Helbig – Episode 81

Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. As President of Seize This Day, Diane employs a straight-forward, non-nonsense approach to help businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. In this episode, Aviv and Diane expound on the importance of curiosity and active listening, approaching conflict with a desire to be helpful, and believing in your own success.

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Collective Intelligence #1 – Listening Level 5

Aviv has been fascinated with the complex nature of the learning process ever since he enlisted in the Israeli Air Force and began his training as a fighter pilot. In this episode, Aviv introduces the first episode in his Collective Intelligence series. Specifically, he focuses on the art of listening by analyzing the five listening levels and expounding on the progression that occurs as you evolve from level to level. Aviv then shifts his focus to listening in business settings and reveals an additional dimension of listening. Finally, Aviv shares personal insights into recent discoveries he has made about his own journey.

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A Leader with Presence with Jeff Gallinat – Episode 79

In this episode, Aviv and Jeff expound on the global aspect of Jeff’s role, including the decision to move his family to China for a number of years in order to take on a new challenge. This is one particular aspect of Jeff’s role that he enjoys the most as he finds the diversity of minds and culture fascinating as well as the ability to integrate that diversity across functions, partners and businesses within his industry. Jeff shares his ideas on curiosity, leadership, and confronting fear in the corporate workplace. Jeff speaks to the tremendous amount of value he places on hard work and accountability. Finally, Jeff touches on his process for constructing a successful team.

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The Spectacular Implosion of Supernovas

In this episode, Aviv describes the Supernova Syndrome, a condition wherein a person allows the external pressures of fame and notoriety to affect his or her character, resulting in an implosion. Aviv outlines two potential outcomes that can result from this unsustainable imbalance and paints a critical awareness to consider when witnessing these implosions. Finally, Aviv analyzes the service, development, and spiritual orientations that are crucial for those in power and influence to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Ultimately, the alignment of these orientations helps to balance external prominence and influence with the internal power and character for the greater good.

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Curiosity & Compassion with Dov Baron – Episode 77

In this episode, Aviv and Dov expound on the concepts of conscious and authentic leadership, mental and emotional hygiene, and fierce loyalty. Aviv and Dov explore the elements of enlightened leadership and the importance of leaders not only reflecting on strategies but taking action to implement these strategies. Dov shares his perspective on generational tendencies and the importance of vulnerability and intimacy as it pertains to leadership. Finally, Dov poses some thought-provoking experiments for the audience, including asking them to reflect on what they imagine will be said in their eulogy.

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My Letter to Talia

In this very special episode of Create New Futures, Aviv reads a letter he recently wrote to his granddaughter, Talia. Inspired by the birth of his granddaughter, Aviv is committed to pass along the wisdom and experience he’s gained throughout the course of his journey. In his letter, he outlines the three most important decisions he’s and the lessons that accompanied these. First, Aviv asserts his belief that life is purposeful. Next, he speaks to the need to embrace the challenge of being the author of your own destiny. And, finally, Aviv underscores why he decided to reverse the conventionally expected sequence of his journey. Aviv believes that Talia’s generation will rise to the occasion of solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. He encourages listeners to self-reflect and to write letters to future generations as well.

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Leading by Embracing Change with Colleen Soukup – Episode 75

In this episode, Aviv and Colleen reflect on her role at General Mills and what she enjoys most about her work. Colleen shares how she’s leveraged opportunities to grow and evolve as a leader and, specifically, as a CPO. Colleen talks glowingly about the culture at General Mills and the company’s commitment to always doing the right thing. She describes her early inspirations and how these impacted her approach to her career. Finally, Colleen expounds on the importance of community when it comes to building a high-intensity career and raising a family.

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The New Hiring Criterion

In this episode, Aviv describes the shift in mindset that successful organizations are undergoing to meet their hiring needs. Aviv poses the eternal question, ‘What business are you in?’ and argues that an organization’s response to this question defines its ability to achieve its desired future. Aviv touches also on the value of culture, accountability, and organizational readiness. Finally, Aviv provides some sage advice for fostering a future-ready organization and sustaining a learning culture.

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Authentic Leading with Tom Lattin – Episode 73

In this episode, Aviv and Tom reflect on false assumptions in the technology industry as well as key changes and constants that have defined the sector. Tom shares core practices that he has embraced to get the best out of his team members. These include capitalizing on diverse backgrounds, focusing on outcomes, and seeking opportunities to get outside the comfort zone. Tom opens up about his deep faith as well as his role as deacon within his community. He places a tremendous amount of value on his faith, which has helped guide him both in his professional and personal endeavors. Finally, Tom speaks to the importance of preparation, the power of reflection, and the journey to self-discovery.

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