A Healthy Relationship with Failure with Miha Matlievski – Episode 89

Miha Matlievski is business coach focusing on helping entrepreneurs and business executives. His approach was shaped by what he describes as an epic failure that eventually led to a redemptive renewal and a new beginning. Miha’s passionate pursuit and hard work have resulted in four successful businesses and a personal net worth of fifteen million dollars by his mid-twenties. In this episode, Aviv and Miha expound on the importance of utilizing logic over emotion to develop a healthy relationship with failure to foster success. Miha analyzes the three vectors of freedom, including the freedom of time, money and self-knowledge. Finally, Miha shares his insights on maintaining a growth mindset and the inherent value of reflection.

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The importance of recognition in a workplace cannot be understated. Recognition is the most underutilized organizational currency and yet, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost morale, increase retention and enable interpersonal connections. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the many ways recognition can bring an organizational mindset from scarcity to abundance and from uncertainty to confidence. Finally, Aviv provides multiple low-cost tips and strategies on how organizations can make their team members feel valued and recognized.

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Roberta Matuson: The Talent Maximizer – Episode 87

In this episode, Aviv and Roberta expound on her work in the field of talent management and retention. They dive deep into the elements that factor into a satisfying work environment, including having a great manager, autonomy and a sense of purpose. Finally, Roberta provides her thoughts on the incoming generation of workers and best practices for employers to prune their workforce.

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Collective Intelligence #2 – Mapping the Terrain of Collectives

In this episode, Aviv shares discoveries he has made throughout his career. He expounds on the three lenses of mapping the terrain of collectives: the content lens, the character lens, and the cause lens. Finally, Aviv offers a series of thought-provoking reflections on the inherent value of collective intelligence.

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A World That Just Might Work with Terrence McNally – Episode 85

In this episode, Terrence shares the passion that drives his work, what led him to these opportunities and the insights he developed by hosting his own podcast. Aviv and Terrence expound on the importance of big picture thinking, taking a long-term view of societal issues, and how each of us as individuals can play a larger role in changing the world.

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The Multifaceted Human & Six Dimensions of the Coronavirus Event

In this episode, Aviv breaks down the six dimensions of the coronavirus effect on our society. Aviv attempts to combine his pragmatic coaching experience with his metaphysical and spiritual inquiry to focus on the effects of this unprecedented global event as it continues to unfold. Finally, he provides tips and strategies on how we can all step into the development opportunities created by this crisis.

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Leadership & Tackling Fear Head On

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to develop and evolve, its impact on our world cannot be overstated. Never before has an event completely altered the way our society operates. From economic and political paradigm shifts to the emergence of social distancing, the coronavirus had certainly made its mark. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the importance of leadership during crises and why our actions must not be controlled by fear, anxiety, or despair. Aviv poses thought-provoking questions for the audience to reflect on over the next few weeks and months. He urges us to make decisions and take actions unencumbered by fear. Finally, Aviv provides specific strategies for tackling fear head on.

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How do you stay positively balanced and focused in the face of the Corona crisis?

Questions we focused on:

 How do you stay positively balanced and focused during times of crisis?
 How do you survive the crisis physically, mentally and spiritually?
 What is the influence and power of collective energy and how do you harness it in a positive way?

The points we covered:

A. Identify the four vectors of the crisis:
1) The Corona virus
2) Global stock markets implosions (a viral influence by itself)
3) Panic triggered by #1 and by #2 (a viral influence by itself)
4) All secondary and tertiary consequences and side effects, in some cases more devastating than the first three vectors.

B. Apply a three-fold strategy to respond effectively and triage separately each of the four vectors, not as a panic-based aggregate:
1) What must do to take care of your health and well-being?
2) What must you do to deliver on your mission-critical commitments?
3) Pivot from defense to offense - how can this situation be an opportunity to create and accelerate a desired future?

C. Boost your immunity:
1) Focus on what you can control: your mental focus, what you take in, and your response.
2) Attend to routines and rituals that build clarity, energy and well-being.
3) Pivot from chaos to calm, confidence and coherence of thought.
4) Cultivate a community that generates individual and collective immunity.

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Cutting Through the Noise with Diane Helbig – Episode 81

Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. As President of Seize This Day, Diane employs a straight-forward, non-nonsense approach to help businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. In this episode, Aviv and Diane expound on the importance of curiosity and active listening, approaching conflict with a desire to be helpful, and believing in your own success.

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Collective Intelligence #1 – Listening Level 5

Aviv has been fascinated with the complex nature of the learning process ever since he enlisted in the Israeli Air Force and began his training as a fighter pilot. In this episode, Aviv introduces the first episode in his Collective Intelligence series. Specifically, he focuses on the art of listening by analyzing the five listening levels and expounding on the progression that occurs as you evolve from level to level. Aviv then shifts his focus to listening in business settings and reveals an additional dimension of listening. Finally, Aviv shares personal insights into recent discoveries he has made about his own journey.

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