Finding Personal Freedom and Confidence with Damion Lupo – Episode 35

Damion Lupo is an American Sensei and the founder of Yokido Martial Arts, a fusion of the practices of Yoga and Aikido. He is also the author of Reinvented Life and leads three global companies with one unified mission: to free a million people from financial bondage.

By bringing the principles of Yokido, which means Lethal Kindness, and the presence and generosity of the martial arts to entrepreneurship, finance and business, Damion is helping countless people find their personal freedom and confidence so money doesn’t continue to control their lives.

In this episode, you will learn how Damion got involved in the martial arts, how he teaches people to be present and grounded, how financial freedom is different from financial security as well as so much more.

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Interview with Travis Chappell from Build Your Network – Episode 33

This is a replay from the Build Your Network podcast where I was interviewed by Travis Chappell. In our conversation, I discuss the two core premises of my book, Create New Futures, the keys to building my network, what high achieving executives struggle with the most, and Travis asks me a series of rapid, random questions I had fun answering.

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Interview with Jon Nastor from Hack the Entrepreneur – Episode 31

This is a replay from Hack the Entrepreneur podcast where I was interviewed by Jon Nastor. In this conversation, Jon asks me about my clients and how I am able to attain 99% of them through referrals.

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Create a New Future: Aviv Shahar on Hack the Entrepreneur

This week’s episode of business podcast Hack the Entrepreneur features an interview with Aviv Shahar, where he shares the methods and mindset behind his powerful consulting practice. In this engaging interview, Aviv reveals three decisions you can make that will change everything, why most of his clients come from referrals, and how he has made a career of learning. Check out the interview here: Create...

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